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Amana Life – Retirement Plan


Illness is an untold burden which can affect anyone irrespective of age or status. Alarmingly, access to prompt and caring medical attention is a luxury today given the high cost.

Medical costs are escalating by the day making it difficult for the average person to afford. However, HALE N’ HEARTY Medical Takaful cover from Amana Takaful can help make such predicaments in life seem a lesser burden.

Amana Takaful has a wider range of medical covers that caters to every segment of society, from day one to 73 years and beyond.

Hale N’ Hearty is a must for every citizen.

KruthaGuna is a simplified one year cover that has been made worthwhile at times of difficulty.

Enjoy one of the best insurance for senior citizens in Sri Lanka.

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Why Amana Life – Retirement Plan?


A Happy, Healthy & wealthy retirement
Amana Takaful  Life Retirement Plan – The plan that never retires for You and your spouse
In retirement, how you choose to spend your time is now up to you. The decisions you make about your investment today should be flexible enough to accommodate your life after retirement. Taking charge of your retirement begins with Amana Takaful Life’s Retirement Plan; assuring a dignified retirement.

A few questions to ponder…

  • Why would I need a retirement plan?
  • What’s a sufficient retirement fund for me to maintain my lifestyle after I retire?
  • For how long should I benefit from this fund?

With Amana Takaful Life Retirement Plan, you could pave your way to a dignified retirement - where you would be living your life and dreams on your terms.

  1. Amana Takaful Life will build your Retirement Fund, even in your absence
  2. Your Spouse has been by your side through most of your achievements and challenges in life.
    The retirement fund that you build today, would give you the freedom to enjoy your lives autumn years together with your beloved.
    What would happen in the event of your untimely demise or total disability and your spouse is unable to continue to pay premiums? You don’t need to worry. Amana Takaful will continue to pay the premiums on your behalf and ensure your spouse receives a retirement fund at the maturity of the plan.
    In the event of your death or disability your beneficiary will also receive lump sum payment ( you can reload up to 5 times the annual contribution )

  3. Flexibility to withdraw funds in an emergency
  4. We at Amana Takaful life understand that life has its ups and downs, and an emergency could happen to anyone at any time. In this light; after the fifth year, you can withdraw up to 30% of your Retirement Fund as at that date.


  5. At Maturity You decide: Either a Lump sum or Monthly payment at retirement
  6. You have the choice to withdraw your whole fund or decide on a monthly income for period between 5-45 years.

  7. Increase your investment account with Top Ups
  8. As and when you have some extra funds you can contribute to building the maturity value on Top Up payment.

  9. Fund Management Flexibility
  10. Amana Takaful life offers you a range of Investment options ranging from fixed investment to Equity, giving you control of your investments as per your risk appetite.

  11. Flexibility to Switch Funds
  12. The investment plan gives you options to switch between Fixed Income and Equity Funds to get optimum returns between the policy period (up to a maximum of 5 times a year)

    Policy Term Payment paying period (Contribution Accumulation Period CAP):
    Minimum: 10 Years Maximum: 40 Years
    Retirement Benefit Receiving Period :
    Minimum: 5 Years Maximum: 45 Years
    (Retirement Benefit Receiving Period Can be extended to a maximum of Age 100)
    Retirement Age 55 Years to 65 Years
    Contribution Regular Contribution : Minimum monthly contribution LKR 3,000/-
    Pay Modes Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly
    Fund Type to choose from Protected Multiple Fund
    Stable Multiple Fund
    Growth Multiple Fund
    Volatile Multiple Fund
    Gold Multiple Fund


  • 18 to 55 Years


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